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Simply the best seller. The unique design reminds of Japanese culture, the balance and combination of colours makes the arrangement complete and unusual. Beautiful deeply coloured Calla Lilies are interweaving together in the movement, trying to reach the sky. Composition: Calla Lily, branches, moss (winter) or hortensia (summer), waxflower, auxiliary flowers and greens (stillgrass, astrantia, astilbe, others). Available Calla Lily colours: violet, pink, white, yellow, orange.

The main flower in the arrangement is Ornithogalum. This flower is unique for the long life, each of these small buds will slowly open one by one. Ornithogalum would stay in the arrangement for 2,5 weeks, when regularly watered. Composition: Ornithogalum, still grass, moss, waxflower, other auxiliary flowers, like Anemone (spring7winter) or greens and branches. Possible colours: red, white, blue. For blue please contact us to check availability.

Total arrangement height 70-80 sm, including 10-11 sm of a pot height.

Shade of Japan - Pink

CHF 78.00Price
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